When we hear the word “review” the first thing that comes to our mind is eCommerce or online shopping, but many of us don’t that reviews can be done for any sort of services whether it is online or offline, whether they are selling goods or providing services. All those businesses related to the consumer can be reviewed.

Now a question arises in our mind that who can give a review or do I need to be an expert to give reviews. The answer is very simple, no you don’t need to be an expert to give a review and those who have purchased or use the goods or services from a seller can review him. It’s not necessary that it should be an online experience to give a review. You can give a review of a café you visited recently and talk about there food and service to help others have a better experience. For this sort of thing, you don’t need to be an expert, but your review should be authentic and unbiased.

So, how a review can help a consumer. For example, you want to buy a smartphone from an online shop, but you don’t know much about this shop. What you will do now, you may ask your friends or family members for suggestions. They can give you suggestions, but it may not be useful for you because they also don’t have the experience like you.

In this type of situation, you need a review platform where you can easily go and check the reviews of other buyers and get to know what they have said for this seller. In addition, this authentic review will enrich your knowledge about the seller and will help you to decide. By checking the review, you may also find some other information that can be benefited for you in the future. If you are not aware of these things, then you may make the same mistake again and again.

For businesses, these reviews can be the source of data. Nowadays data is the new currency. If you have enough data about your consumers then you can grow your business. Sometimes sellers don’t know what their consumers want and how to present their goods in Infront of them. If you are selling the wrong thing to the wrong person then it will be a total waste. These reviews can help you to get the right data about your consumer.

In many cases, it is observed that a seller selling a good quality product but still getting a bad review for their bad communication and delivery. So, a good quality product doesn’t always bring good reviews. If you have those review data then you will be able to find out the reason for a negative review and with the help of this review data, you can change it a positive one if you want.

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