Right now, the whole world is fighting against a common enemy called COVID-19. This COVID-19 virus has a very adverse effect on our social and economic life. People can’t go out freely, people are losing their jobs. While I am writing this blog, this virus has already taken more than 600,000 people’s life and millions of people are infected by it. We don’t know when things will get better. So, we must adopt a new lifestyle to fight against it.

In Bangladesh, things are going worse day by day. Nowadays it’s not safe to go out and shop and people are getting interested in online shopping. Many companies have changed their conventional selling method to online shops. Online shopping gives us an opportunity to have a safe shopping experience. Our daily groceries, medicine, and other essential commodities are delivered to our doorstep.

This online shopping has also helped us to get adapt to the new normal lifestyle. Due to this corona pandemic, we have seen more opportunities too. Our eCommerce industry is growing, and it is creating more jobs for the people and creating an impact on our financial condition. Many new businesses are being formed to support the online shopping needs of the people. For example, if you look at Facebook you can find many pages that are selling goods online have been formed in the last 2 or 3 months.

Not only in Facebook if you look around you can see many conventional businesses are also going online or they are increasing their product line just to cope with the situation. To support all these online shops, you can see many online delivery services are created.

Now the most crucial question is that are we getting the getting the quality product or services from these online shops. In some cases, you may see people are getting the right quality product at affordable price and time. On the other hand, we have also seen many cases of delivering the faulty goods or lengthy delivery time. So, how can we know who is serving better and who is not.

To identify an online service is good or bad, we need reviews by the consumers. People in our country right now use social media to share their online shopping experiences which are good. Social media is a massive platform for mass people to share their views, but we can’t always rely on social media. Because social media can easily be manipulated. Sometimes people don’t share an authentic review on social media because there is no one to monitor that.

In this case, a website like Trust buddy can help you out. In Trust buddy, you must follow a specific set of rules or guidelines while giving your review. This platform helps you to have an authentic review. Here you can’t influence a review if you don’t like it. If you have any objection, then you may need to approach that in a specific manner. Trust buddy is a platform where you can share your authentic online shopping reviews to help others get a better experience.

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